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Q. What computer skills do I need to set up my event?A. None, setting up your event on line is all part of our full service.

Q. How long does it take to set up an event?

A. The Dinner Ticket Sales and Interactive Trade Show events can be on line and accepting sales within 36 hours. Conference registration pages are custom built and their complexity will determine set up time.

Q. Do I need my own website?

A. If you have your own website you can link to our interactive page directly from your own website. If you
do not have a website we would be pleased to host your event on our own server so there
is no need for you to create a webpage for this single event.

Q. Do I have to have a system in place to collect the dinner ticket sales money?

A. No we will collect the money and send you cheques on a pre-determined schedule.

Q. What makes your Dinner Ticket Sales system different from any other service?

A. Our service allows the purchaser the opportunity to see how many tickets have already been sold and to personally select their seat or table in real time. Clients have observed this prompts buyers to act much more quickly resulting in increased sales.

Q. Can I create my own reports?

A. We can create custom reports but the beauty of this visual system is that everyone in your organization has 24/7 access to see how well sales are doing at any time.

Q. What is the largest Dinner Ticket Sales event you could do?

A. We could easily handle events up to 2000 tickets.

Q. Are there restrictions on the types of room layouts that can be shown?

A. No we can create a visual layout of the room showing entrances, podiums, screens, etc. This allows your
purchaser personal table selection, something that is unique in fundraising dinner ticket sales.

Q. Is there a choice in how people pay for their tickets?

A. We can offer purchasers the choice (that option is up to you the client) of payment by cheque (issuing
them an on-line invoice) or by credit card. Billing may require some follow up procedures but our experience shows we end up with less that 5% uncollected revenues.

Q. Does your system take into account personal privacy?

A. Absolutely. We are well experienced in this but our system offers purchaser privacy and client access
to important sales data.

Q. Does your system help not-for-profit groups?

A. Definitely. We can offer the opportunity for a ticket purchaser to make an additional organization
donation all within the one single transaction.

Q. What makes your Dinner Ticket Sales system unique?

A. We offer many benefits not found in other ticket purchase products. These include:

  • We are a professional service, not a product you have to create yourself.
  • We offer personal table choice selection. You select your own table.
    Our visual layout of the room offers you an insight of where you are going.
  • Our system shows who has already bought seats at each table.
    The opportunity at no extra cost to collect additional donations to support your organization.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Cost for service is customized by event and organization.

Q. How quickly is the floor plan updated?

A. It is updated in real time so tickets sold are shown immediately.