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Financial Management

  • We accept Visa™, MasterCard™, and AMEX™ payments through our secure on-line facilities.
  • We accept all cheque payments, which could be mailed directly to our Post Office Box.
  • We track all payments and financial transactions of each registrant.
  • We will provide consolidated information to the client at any point in the registration process so they can be aware of the larger financial picture.
  • Web Page Presence Information and Registration

    • Registration Solutions will work with the client to design the easiest and most efficient system to register participants.
    • Registration information and forms can be handled directly through our secure web site. This would be particularly appealing for those clients who do not have access to a web page or the event is a one time or special event.
    • Registration information could be housed on the client’s web site, with a direct link to the Registration Solutions website where the registration form would be completed.

    Registration Solutions Can Track all Participant Details

    • Registration Solutions can keep track of every selection made by each individual. Whether the need is to limit the number of participants in several workshops or keep track of who signs up for a variety of

      social events, this is all part of the service. Spouse’s programs can also be tracked separately. This is accomplished through the use of custom-designed software and diligent attention to database management and detail.

    • A personalized itinerary can be provided to each participant upon their arrival at the registration desk.

    Courteous On-Site Registration Staff

    • Registration Solutions will provide trained, efficient, and courteous staff on site to welcome those who have pre-registered or to offer computerized registration services to those who are “walk-in” registrants.

    Customized Names Badges

    • Registration Solutions will prepare customized names badges for the event. The design, colour and content will be done in consultation with the message the client wishes to convey.

    Consolidated Reports throughout the Registration Process

    • Registration Solutions will provide a predetermined number of consolidated reports to the client at specified
      intervals throughout the registration process. These can be tailored to best assist the client in their
      ongoing organizing activities.

    Post Event Reports and Financial Reconciliation

    • Registration Solutions will provide to the client professionally prepared financial reconciliations and
      consolidated event reports. These can be provided in the format most useful to the client.

    Who Might Use Our Services?

    • Local and International Conferences
    • Sporting Events
    • Specialized Conferences
    • Political Events
    • Leadership Conventions
    • Association Meetings
    • Trade Shows